SMC’s Automatic Leak Detection System (ALDS) helps suppliers avoid the cost and inconvenience of leaking valves.

If a bottling machine where multiple bottles are filled simultaneously has a leaking valve, one bottle out of 100 will only be partially filled, and the bottle will later be rejected.

Energy conservation is increasingly important to businesses and consumers, and ‘lean manufacturing’ is more than just a buzz term. It helps increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability. 

Leak detection is a costly and time-consuming maintenance activity, and many current methods can only be done sporadically due to a shortage of resources.

SMC's Automatic Leakage Detection System (ALDS) is able to quantify the amount of leakage on a machine on a daily basis, even whilst the machine is in operation.

Here, the system will report the exact value of leaks in litres per minute and provide maintenance personnel with a detailed report listing the location of each leak.

The ALDS is installed on an OEM machine’s main airline, and integrated with the machine’s control software (PLC), thus eliminating the need for costly System Control and Data Acquisition software (SCADA). When the machine is newly installed, the ALDS system will run the machine through a complete sequence, measuring the air consumption of each actuator, and confirming that there are no leaks.

During an idle moment in the machine’s daily operation, the ALDS system will perform a “Leakage Detection Cycle”, operating each component in sequence again, recording the air consumption and manipulating the data to identify each leak.