Flexco has launched the Novitool Ply 130, a new separator that can cut between the plies of conveyor belting for belt splice preparation.

This splitting action is often required in preparation before splicing a belt with a splice press, according to Flexco, which provides belt conveyors with products, services and solutions for splicing, belt cleaning, belt tracking, spillage, and slippage.

The new improved Ply 130 is a tool for preparing stepped splices and for recessing mechanical fasteners and can split as deep as 130mm in one action.

The unit now offers both single-phased and three-phase power and compliance has been obtained for specific power requirements for CE as wel las CSA and all units have plug ends.

The updated Ply 130 has a long-lasting, robust, rigid blade design – specifically designed for high-volume step cutting, with a blade that stays sharper for longer.

Flexco still offers the low-volume step cutter, good for sporadic step cutting and easily adjustable for multiple jobs.