Australian-based processing and packaging equipment provider Tna is introducing intelli-date 5, a new high-speed integrated print code verification technology for flexible bags.

As a part of Tna’s performance 5.0 ultra-high speed production concept, the new intelli-date 5 is a high-speed thermal transfer overprint (TTO) date coder with airless design and integrated print code verification technology.

Designed for continuously high-quality printing on flexible bags, the new tna intelli-date 5 features an ultra-fast printhead movement that is able to increase throughput by up to 25 per cent compared to previous models.

Equipped with intelligent motion technology and a twin-belt electronic printhead, the new Tna intelli-date 5 does not require any compressed air and provides more precise printhead pressure for consistently high-quality prints.

“Date coders are ideal for a wide range of flexible packaging applications,” Tna product marketing manager Anurag Mitra says. ”They’re incredibly versatile and can be used to meet a number of regulatory demands, including ingredient lists, nutrition statements, traceability information or use-by dates.”

“Whatever the application, accuracy and consistency are key to ensure compliancy and avoid products being rejected. Our new Tna intelli-date 5 date coder is the ideal solution for any food manufacturer who requires codes to be printed correctly, accurately and at high-speed, time after time,” Mitra says.