SMC now has a magnetic gripper which achieves reliable, safe handling without the need for vacuum.

The MHM-X6400 uses a magnet for the handling of steel plate, and is suited to workpieces with uneven or irregular surfaces or featuring holes.

It also works well with many varied sheet metal handling applications, including robotic systems.

In developing this product, SMC looked to improve its handling flexibility by using magnetic grippers where vacuum was never an option, due to the inherent limitations of a vacuum system.

With a holding force of up to 120N, the MHM-X6400 continues to hold a workpiece even when air supply is lost completely or pressure drops are experienced.

With a residual holding force of only 0.3 N or less, cycle times are reduced, and productivity output is improved.

Suitable for a range of transfer applications, the holding force of the MHM-X6400 can be adjusted by simply changing the height of the bumper used.

Made from Fluororubber, the bumper also prevents the workpiece from slipping and damaging during operations, improving safety.

Featuring three mountable surfaces and the option to mount auto switches, the MHM-X6400 offers flexibility and greater process control.