Fluid Components International (FCI) has several new flow instruments solutions for plant and process engineers who need accurate flow detection or measurement of air, gases, or liquids in smaller pipe sizes.

Using thermal dispersion flow measurement technology with no-moving parts, FCI’s ST75 Series provides solutions for use in 0.25 to 2 inch (DN6 to DN50) pipe or tubing.

They work well in situations of low flows, wide-turndowns, dirty fluids, HazEx or harsh installations.

The flow instruments offer advantages for service in plant, building or lab gas sub-metering, small inlet air/gas feed lines for boilers, gas relief valve monitoring, chemical injection, compressed air systems, cogen or CHP gas fuel measurement and control, and sampling systems.

Many small process line applications are difficult to measure reliably with high repeatability due to variations in temperature and pressure, and have wide flow rates.

FCI’s thermal flow meters and switches are unaffected by, or have on-board compensation for, temperature and pressure changes and, in addition to detection of low flow rates, provide 100:1 turndown as a standard feature.

FCI’s ST75 Series Air/Gas Flow Meters are ideal for lines sizes from 6mm to 51mm.

Gas or air measurement accuracy is available up to 1% of reading, ±0.5% full scale. The ST75 Meters feature a wide 100:1 turndown and will measure from 0,01 to 950 NCMH depending on pipe size.

FCI's range is available in Australia from AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.