UPM Raflatac is offering new full-wrap solutions with self-adhesive labels for food packaging.

Global supplier of pressure sensitive label materials, UPM Raflatac, has been working with Multivac to develop new full-wrap solutions for food packaging.

With full-wrap self-adhesive labelling, a label encloses four sides of a pack, similar to a banderole, offering various possibilities in the design of the pack and contributing to the attractiveness of these packs at point of sale.

Self-adhesive full-wrap solutions offer great flexibility with the shape and design of the label and maximise product visibility as well as area for branding.

They are ideal for several types of packs, including vacuum skin packs, thermoformed MAP packs as well as trays and clamshells in a range of shapes and materials.

As the labels are held by the carrier material, they also can be shaped to fit perfectly, even with curves and cut-outs, to specific food and packages.

Full wrap with self-adhesive labels is also a sustainable solution as the backing paper from full wrap can be recycled with UPM Raflatac's RafCycle program and turned into new paper.