• Fibre King's WAP45 case packer.
    Fibre King's WAP45 case packer.

Australian packaging equipment supplier Fibre King has partnered with SMC to provide more energy efficient packaging solutions for meat, dairy, beverage, food and fresh produce industries.

Fibre King's solutions now include expertise and R&D from automation solutions supplier SMC to improve and monitor energy use.

Fibre King managing director James Windsor says by refining your strategy when it comes to compressed air use and pneumatics can save you up to 80 per cent. This can be easily done by simply monitoring and controlling the amount of air used and lost due to costly leakage

“PFM flow switches from SMC are used on our machines to monitor air flow and energy changes. Changes will be flagged as readings change, and it will also show the differences in air usage with pressure changes. This saving translates directly into cost savings for our customers,” Windsor says.

Another product that now comes standard in proposals and recommendations to customers is the SMC ALDS (Automatic Leak Detection System), that can detect leaks immediately and anywhere on a system, and is easily integrated into machine software and no external supervision is required.

Fibre King says its partnership with SMC has helped the company offer its customers “speed, precision, reliability and peace-of-mind with intelligent packaging machinery to ‘future proof’ businesses and increase profits".