• White Rabbit Brewery production area
    White Rabbit Brewery production area

Floors need to not only withstand the challenges of brewing beer, but also provide attractive, on-brand surfaces, especially now as breweries increasingly double as production sites and also tourist attractions.

According to flooring specialist Flowcrete Australia, colourful PU (polyurethane) coatings are a great way to meet these dual demands.

“Brewers may want to reflect branding, dazzle with bold tones or inject a specific atmosphere, such as using urban greys and browns to create an industrial aesthetic,” Flowcrete says.

However, to survive the movement of barrels, spillages of beer and ingredients, steam cleaning, point loading, UV exposure, impacts, foot traffic and heavy pallets, a very hard-wearing material, such as PU is required.

Bright Brewery in Victoria recently chose a vivid yellow finish for the main floor area with a complementary red used for walkways, offering an eye-catching choice, and a clever way to make the site safer.

White Rabbit Brewery, located in the Little Creatures Brewery Village in Victoria, chose a coral red colour for the production room’s floor that tied into the subdued traditional tones of the old-brick building as well as the iconic vintage style of the White Rabbit brand.