Nord Drivesystems has launched a new aluminium helical worm gear unit named the SK 02040.

The aluminium version now replaces the previous cast iron product for improved strength and reliability, according to the company.

The one-piece die cast UNICASE housing offers maximum strength and rigidity as well as reduced weight.

In addition, aluminium is considerably more corrosion-resistant than steel and can be further protected with the aid of additional measures such as the nsd tupH surface treatment.

The SK 02040.1 has a broad power range from 0.12 to 1.1 kW, and offers an output torque of up to 100 Nm, and its wide range of speed ratios (from 5.37:1 up to 330:1) enables adaptation to the customer requirements.

The next-generation Nord gear unit is available in a universal foot flange version and offers many equipment versions and mounting options such as flanges and torque arms.

The SK 02040.1 can be quickly and simply configured for a wide range of different applications.

Packaging News

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