Boge Compressors Australia has released a range of new refrigeration dryers and tandem dryers which remove water vapour from compressed air.

The DS-2 refrigeration dryer works with energy savings of up to 30 per cent, with higher flow capacity than other systems on the market, according to Boge.

Compressed air dryers are believed to help avoid interruptions to operations or production downtime due to water in the compressed air system and in the final application.

The DS-2 has a new fully integrated aluminium heat exchanger which ensures that power losses in the refrigeration cycle are very low.

Combined with a reduction in power consumption of up to 30 per cent, the overall operating costs of the DS-2 are very low.

For highly sensitive applications with pressure dew points between –70°C and +3 °C, Boge now also offers a tandem dryer for the first time: the FRDA.

The fridge desiccant adsorption dryer is said to combine the advantages of refrigeration and adsorption dryers, and pressure dew points can be selected flexibly.

The FRDA can also be positioned in a small space due to the compact design of the machine.