A DIY humidifier kit from Tecpro Australia uses technology to produce ultra-fine non-wetting dry fog that can increase humidity without creating dampness.

The AKIMist® "E" Dry Fog Humidifier Kit includes an energy-efficient pneumatic spray nozzle system kit that includes a humidifier, control unit, water unit and piping unit.

The kit can help commercial mushroom growers monitor and regulate humidity levels, and installation by a plumber or professional is not required and running costs are said to be one-fifth the cost of a typical steam humidification system.

The modular Dry Fog Humidifier Kits can cover up to 800 square metres and more units can be added to the system to increase the area to be humidified or to generate faster humidity.

The AKIMist® "E" Dry Fog Humidifier uses Japanese technology to produce an ultra-fine “non-wetting” Dry Fog with a mean droplet size of 7.5 microns, a much smaller size than “misting” solutions.

The ultra-fine droplets in the dry fog increase humidity without creating dampness in facilities where moisture levels are critical.

Mushrooms have no barrier between their surface and the air and are comprised of 90 per cent water and are prone to dry out and shrink quickly if humidity levels are too low. On the other hand, too much moisture can lead to ‘watery’ mushrooms.

The flexible design of the Dry Fog Humidifier allows the spray to be focused in different directions with a spray capacity of 2.4 to 9.6 litres per hour.