GEA’s latest CutMaster incorporates customer-driven technology upgrades including an integrated AC drive.

The CutMaster Generation 3 can prepare different kinds of sausage, a wide range of poultry, fish, plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian products, as well as processed cheese.

GEA director of sales management and sales support, Thorsten Balzer, said the latest CutMaster was built on the company’s 80 years of experience.

“Even though our previous machines already deliver excellent performance and reliability, listening closely to our customers encouraged us to create new options and unlock potential for improvement on a high technical level in a market-oriented way,” Balzer said.

Because the AC technology is integrated, there is no external cabinet or connecting cables, which reduces the machine’s overall footprint. A reinforced machine frame and knife shaft bearing arm reduce vibration, and the optimised hydraulic unit ensures more convenient adjustment and easier maintenance.

On the hygiene front, improvements include a reduction in hidden voids, new door, and cover seals as well as an additional access flap – all of which help create a cleaner environment and easier washdown.

There is an optional vacuum feature, which can help create a finer product with better taste and colour as well as fewer air bubbles and jelly deposits, contributing to a longer shelf life. Both the standard and vacuum options come in four sizes – 200, 325, 500 and 750 litres – and different performance levels.

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