Kaeser Compressors has launched a new range of compressed air filtration products made to offer energy savings, design enhancements, and lower pressure loss.

The element head of the Kaeser Filter units has been optimised for best possible air flow, according to the company.

Its tapered internal structure channels the compressed air to the centre of the element interior for even charging of the filter media.

In addition, modern deep-pleated filter media is used in the Kaeser filter range to remove particles and aerosols, while a carbon fibre mat traps oil vapours.

As Kaeser filter products are available with air connection flanges of various sizes, there is no need for reducer sections when connecting to different air distribution networks.

The pressure drop remains low for longer due to the high contaminant retention capacity, resulting in low lifetime operating costs. In addition, the annual maintenance of particulate and coalescence filters mitigates age-related risks and ensures maximum compressed air purity.

A much lower pressure loss reduces the load on upstream compressors, thereby creating the potential for significant reductions in costs, says the company.

Fitted as standard to Kaeser particulate and coalescence filters is a differential pressure gauge which enables the user to monitor pressure losses easily.

Kaeser Filter product enclosures are cast from seawater-resistant aluminium, offering strong corrosion resistance.