• FCI multipoint thermal flow meters are designed to improve air/gas flow measurement.
    FCI multipoint thermal flow meters are designed to improve air/gas flow measurement.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has a new range of FCI multipoint thermal flow meters designed to improve air/gas flow measurement in large diameter pipes, stacks and ducts.

Designed specifically for flow measurement in round pipes or stacks of 300mm and larger diameter, and square or rectangular ducts with a cross-sectional area of 2500mm and larger, the model ST102A Flow Meter and the new MT100 Series Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) provide two to eight non-clogging, no-moving-parts sensing points.

The flow meters combine electronics technology with application-matched, precision flow sensors and calibration, designed for demanding plant operating environments. They are also always dual-function, providing both flow rate and temperature of the process.

The multiple FCI thermal dispersion sensors are inserted at various depths within a pipe or duct, and their outputs are multiplexed and averaged to produce the flow rate within the process line. Where dual point sensing is sufficient, the ST102A Flow Meter offers a solution.

Both flow meters are easily installed in a simple insertion tap. In large stacks with platforms, they install in single plane, resulting in significant savings in installation costs and maintenance access.

The flow meters are direct mass flow measuring, operating over a wide 100:1 turndown. They are compatible in processes operating at up to 454°C. They have no orifices to clog, and they provide a good solution in flow streams with moisture, dirty particulates, or corrosive aspects.