Tecpro Australia has released a new variant in its range of low-pressure wash-down guns on the back of requests from the food industry.

The Italian-made RB65 gun was previously available in blue to denote cold water, and red to indicate hot water. However, customers in meat and dairy industries were requesting a white version as well.

The new white version has a built-in swivel inlet, which makes the hose easier to use. It is also easy to shut off with just one hand, according to the company.

All RB65 wash-down guns have been ergonomically designed to make them comfortable to use and easy to hold for extended periods.

The weight is evenly balanced to reduce stress on the operator’s hand and wrist. Also, the air gap between the inner body and the outer plastic housing of the hose gun means there's no risk of heat transfer to the outer casing.

The RB65 has a maximum temperature range of 90°C, with a flow rate of 60 l/min @ 20 bar. It can handle pressure up to 24 bar (350 psi).

Tecpro Australia has a wide range of wash-down guns and hose nozzles for any environment.