Sydney's Key Diagnostics is expanding its RapidChek testing solutions portfolio to include a system that detects Listeria monocytogenes, the food-borne pathogen often associated with contamination from food production processes.

RapidChek Listeria monocytogenes is AOAC-certified for use on environmental surfaces and for various ready-to-eat foods.

National and state regulatory bodies recommend and enforce hygienic measures that call for frequent testing of surfaces in the environment that come into contact with food ingredients as well as finished products.

RapidChek Listeria monocytogenes is designed to meet this diagnostic need and provides results days faster than other standard methods.

It combines a sensitive immuno-detection strip with single proprietary enrichment media.

After enrichment, the strips indicate the presence of L. monocytogenes in only 10 minutes, and with minimal processing.

Also available is a Listeria NextDay PUR-Blue DUO sampler, which combines a convenient sample collection device and enrichment media for the growth of Listeria species, all in one unit.

The sampler can be coupled with the strip for fast, accurate and sensitive detection of Listeria species.