Spray Nozzle Engineering is introducing a new expanded range of tank cleaning nozzles that are designed to be safer to use and more hygienic.

The new M-Series range has more materials options with nozzle heads offered in a variety of materials, including PVDF and PTFE. A choice of material for a nozzle head means that it can be matched to most cleaning, heat or chemical concentrations.

Other updated technological inclusions are a design that excludes ball bearings to rotate the head, using cleaning fluid instead for more reliable results. This is being called a major advantage over outdated technology in tank cleaning, as ball bearing races can become blocked with material from from a tank, resulting in bacteria concentrations or nozzle heads that stop spinning.

With a patented design, the M-Series promises hydraulic cleaning action throughout all pressure ranges, even low-pressure applications, and it also incorporates a self-cleaning action.

New Zealand and Australia manufacturer and exporter of tank cleaning nozzles, Spray Nozzle Engineering says M-Series nozzle heads are suited to either rinsing or cleaning various-size tanks and are available in three connection sizes.