The problem of installing filter nozzles to a filter with limited underfloor space has been addressed by Tecpro Australia's new filter nozzle anchor.

The anchor ensures the nozzles can be securely installed from the top side of the filter floor.

The new design is called the XTL Filter Nozzle Assembly, and only requires one person to fit the nozzle in place.

There is no longer any need to have someone under the confined space filter floor, fitting a retaining nut. A thin spanner which can be supplied with the nozzles is used to twist the nozzle, causing the retaining assembly to flair and expand. This secures both the nozzle and the anchor to the floor.

To remove the assembly, the thin spanner can be used to unscrew and lift it out.

The XTL Filter Nozzle Anchor Assembly is suitable for floor thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 33mm.