Bonfiglioli has launched a new 300M series planetary gearbox with integrated fan for improved thermal rating and performance.

The fan, which is connected directly to the IEC motor, is designed to suit Australia's harsh weather conditions and also enhance the performance of its existing range.

The company says it leads to an improved thermal rating and increased thermal power of up to 217 per cent, depending on the model.

Planetary gearboxes typically use a low speed and high torque for reliable performance in a compact space. The high levels of torque, together with the compact nature of planetary gear units, can lead to thermal restrictions, particularly in arduous conditions.

As the new thermal drives are much cooler than their predecessors, users can safely utilise more torque, according to MD Malcolm Lewis.

“Because more torque is available, some applications will be able to use a smaller gearbox to do the same job, saving space, power and cost. The new range is ideally suited to hot climates.”

The integrated fan is connected to the IEC motor flange, and a keyway hollow shaft connection with the motor means no joint is required. Integrated fans optimise the air flow and cooling surfaces through the air conveyor housing.