Mettler Toledo has released a compendium which details 20 common moisture methods for free download as part of its 2017 e-calendar.

Moisture analysis plays a critical role in many food production processes, from goods-in to final quality control, according to the company.

For busy manufacturers, halogen moisture analysis (HMA) offers a way to perform these important tests quickly, often in just five to 15 minutes.

In contrast, oven-based Loss-on-Drying (LoD) can take two hours or longer.

Establishing a reliable protocol that provides results comparable to the standard method is a prerequisite, and Mettler Toledo has performed this initial research for 20 sample types common in food and bakery production spheres and cross-validated them against reference methods to help users.

The method collection, titled Food Industry Moisture Methods, provides test parameters for both standard reference and halogen moisture analysis. The downloadable PDF details methods for ingredients such as baking powder, butter, pasta, yogurt, tea, and juice.

The download is available here for the month of April.