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EFI Group is your partner in factory maintenance. We are electrical and mechanical contracting specialists who provide solutions to the food beverage, packaging and manufacturing industries

Office supplier, coffee and tea equipment

Contract bottling and packaging company. Packaging sales

Forklift trucks and container handling manufacturer

DALMEC Industrial Manipulators allow the ergonomic, safe and effective handling of any product. We are able to lift products weighing from 6 up to 1500 kilograms using compressed-air only

Surface finishing including electropolishing, pickling, passivating, wide belt linishing of sheet, plate, blanks, pipe, flat bar and angle bar

Around the world, H.B. Fuller is focused on perfecting adhesives that consistently perform so you can focus on what matters most to you— your business. Over 125 years of success as a manufacturer and marketer of quality adhesives, sealants, coatings

Manufacturer and service, electric motors, speed controllers, soft starters, geared motors, brake motors, shaft encoders, hazardous motors, motor protection relays and special control packages

CRC Industries offer the exclusive Greenlight Food Safety program where our extensive range of HACCP NSF H1 MRO maintenance products work together with a visual audit compliant identification process. This involves on-site audits, ready-made document

Process engineering and products for the hygienic industries including food and beverage