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We are a family owned company which has been active in the field of food safety and nutrition for more than 50 years. We offer unique food safety and quality solutions such as NATA accredited microbiology and chemistry testing, labelling compliance,

Food, beverage and nutrition database and websites

Suppliers of new and used machinery for the food and chemical industries

At Wiley, we believe in making a difference and creating a better future.We Design Build Maintain food manufacturing processes and facilities, so that our clients can produce safe, quality food for their customers.With spirite

Bio-Strategy’s team of highly qualified professionals share a passion for science. In partnership with world leading suppliers we provide quality technology solutions for food analysis, research, and industrial applications. Our vast portfolio includ

Manufacturer and distributor of drainage products, pipe systems and grease arrestors.Branches in NSW, VIC, SA, WA and QLD

BHA provides FIBC's (bulk bags and woven sacks) and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) for all solid and liquid applications. BHA also specialises in the design of tailored Bulk Packaging Solutions for both FIBC's and IBC's

Filtration and separation media and equipment

Food equipment manufacturer specialising in Direct Steam Injection continuous cooking systems: The RotaTherm for Pasteurisation, UHT & Aseptic production of processed cheese, baby food, sauces, pet food etc. and the GPiCS for Natural Mozzarella pro

Distributor of control equipment for laboratory and production