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Designers, manufacturers and importers of food processing machinery

Machinery, seasonings and additive supplier to the food processing industry, specialising in meat processing

Importers of processing and packaging equipment, flexible packaging and ingredients for the food and beverage industry.Suppliers of glass closures and sprinted screw caps to the wine, spirit and olive oil industries

Food processing and packaging equipment manufacturer

Manufacturers of agitators (inc. sanitary agitators), static mixers, high shear mixers, powder blenders (inc. sanitary powder blenders) and filtration equipment

Suppliers of new and used machinery for the food and chemical industries

Supplier of vibratory equipment to assist flow from bins and chutes; and manufacturer and supplier of vibratory feeders

Custom fabricators specializing in stainless steel fabrication for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and beverage industries with a wealth of experience in tanks, silos, pressure vessels, liquid and powder blending equipment as well as ancillary ite

Food equipment manufacturer specialising in Direct Steam Injection continuous cooking systems: The RotaTherm for Pasteurisation, UHT & Aseptic production of processed cheese, baby food, sauces, pet food etc. and the GPiCS for Natural Mozzarella pro