Understanding consumers and a strong focus on building retail partnerships were key drivers for Fine Food Holdings needing its new $10 million facility. Kim Berry spoke to CEO Todd Wilson at its official opening.

At the opening of Fine Food Holdings’ 12,500 square metre facility in Dandenong on Melbourne’s outskirts, CEO Todd Wilson told Food & Drink Business that at its heart, the company is made up of entrepreneurs.

“We travel a lot, we look at innovations around the world. Being a private business means we avoid the restrictions around speed and innovation some corporate environments have.

“We make decisions and move quickly,” Wilson says, noting that a new product can be on supermarket shelves in seven to eight weeks.

The company’s previous facility was 2,500 square metres. Wilson said the last six months had been challenging due to space constraints impeding the company’s ability to execute its innovation pipeline.

“My experience in manufacturing is that space creates opportunity. Opportunity to be daring and creative with new product development. NPD and speed to market is in our DNA – it’s what we love and what we thrive on.”

At the opening, Wilson outlined the company’s aggressive growth aspirations and intentions to build a diverse gourmet foods group. NPD and organic growth formed part of that, but the company would also be entering new entertaining categories, he says.

“We have part of the entertaining portfolio and we intend to complete that with acquisitions and other businesses that make sense to come into our group.”

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