Special Report: Beverage

A filtration enzyme that removes haziness from beer, developed by DuPont, has been approved for use in Australia. While specifically invented for brewing barley, DuPont says it can work on all cereal types.

At a time when people are drinking less alcohol and looking for “healthier” options, hard seltzers – alcoholic, low-calorie carbonated waters – are creating quite the buzz. Kim Berry writes.

A water brand created by US actor, rapper and entrepreneur Jaden Smith has launched into Australia with packaging designed to ease plastic bottle pollution in the ocean.

Brewing luminary Chuck Hahn has taken Kosciuszko Brewing Company back to tins with a couple of innovations planned for the canning line.

Australian hydration-boosting drink PREPD is looking for a capital injection to expand its business and grow market share.

A Sydney coconut water start-up is expanding its footprint with an export push into the US as well as an innovative new drink.

Single malt Westward Whiskey has grown quickly in America and the innovative distiller has now singled out Australia as its next opportunity.

Archie Rose is constructing a new distillery and bond store at Botany that has sustainability at its heart.

The new Archie Rose Botany facility will use less water, power and gas than its predecessor by using special equipment from Hydroflux Industrial.

Craft brewers across Australia are developing a taste for renewable energy and sourcing their own home-grown electricity in place of grid offerings.

Beverages that make a statement about social and political issues are gaining clout. We wrap up some of the latest hits and misses.

As the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy comes into effect, Australian Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker explains why industry must be involved in the search for better solutions to reduce chronic disease.

Global giant Asahi Beverages is trialling the use of augmented reality glasses to allow almost-instant access to technical support.

Top shelf UK brand Seedlip was developed to bring some sophistication to the alcohol-free spirits and cocktails space.

An alcohol-free mocktail that can be served straight from the bottle is targeting temperate gin lovers.

A medical diagnosis was the catalyst for Australia’s first gluten-free beer brewery.