Food & Drink Business Podcast: Matt Michalewicz

It’s all in the algorithm: with Complexica CEO Matt Michalewicz

Food & Drink Business editor Kim Berry talks to Matt Michalewicz, founder of artificial intelligence software specialist Complexica, on AI’s application in the food and beverage sector.

From growing up in a household immersed in the field of AI, Matt has gone on to build his own career in the field, culminating in his current enterprise, Complexica. We start with a quick AI 101 and discuss how best to navigate the hype often associated with AI versus the reality of its use in decision support systems.

While AI is often already in use within businesses, Matt explains the importance of identifying a business problem to solve rather than implementing AI simply for AI’s sake. We look at how it can add real benefits through supply and demand optimisation, reaching into sales, marketing, supply chain and production systems and processes.

The episode wraps up by covering the need to assess external information as well as information from within the organisation, the use of AI to augment staff and its ability to reduce the complexity of the modern business world. Matt also tells us that modern AI systems provide information supporting their decisions which helps people understand and accept them.


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Producer: Steve Visscher

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