Diageo’s pre-mix range UDL has unveiled a redesigned look for its range of fruity flavours, in a 6-pack and new mixed 10-pack offering, which it says brings together the best of the past, with a bright and retro design.

The philosophy for the redesign was to take inspiration from the past – the retro shapes and vibrant colours that dominated decades gone by, when UDL was a pre-eminent brand. 

The new-look cans were designed by Gravitas Media Australia, with the packaging supplied by Westrock. The graphics were printed on the new packaging by Visy. 

“UDL is a brand that has been loved in Australia since 1965, however, it has also been a brand that has taken the back seat for far too long in recent years,” Maddy Stockwell, marketing manager, light spirits, Diageo Australia, tells PKN.

“We hope Aussies rediscover what they loved about UDL, from its cheeky personality, to convenience, to taste. With the current popularity of conveniently pre-mixed drinks, there is no time like the present for a UDL comeback.

“The philosophy for the redesign was to take inspiration from the past – the retro shapes and vibrant colours that dominated decades gone by when UDL was in its heyday. If the recent spike in scrunchie and denim jacket sales tells anything, it is that what is old will always be new again.

“UDL has undergone a few pack redesigns over the years, but this is the first time we have looked to the past for design inspiration for today.”

Gravitas considered what UDL represent to Australian culture for its final design, which to them, meant backyard BBQs and getting together with mates.

“We wanted to create something that would catch the eye in the esky and the store shelf,” explains Gravitas Media.

“The philosophy of the redesign was to evoke great memories, given the brand’s classic flavours have stood the test of time, and to give UDL a fresh, new and bold lease of life. 

“Gravitas conceptualised and developed a new look that incorporated the brand’s cheeky and fun personality, with a retro twist, to create a bold can that is UDL, and drives talkability in the category.”

NSW-based Westrock fully manufactures Diageo’s packaging at its plant in North Richmond, as well as having it run through its high-speed Ultima Combo packaging machine at its Diageo site in Huntingwood.

“Our role was to bring the refreshed UDL design and graphics from Gravitas to life,” according to Westrock. 

“We have printed the UDL cluster wraps for many years, so seeing the brand’s refresh really highlighted the journey UDL has gone on. We are so delighted to be a part of the family for this iconic Aussie brand.“

UDL is available in 375mL cans and is on shelves in all leading liquor stores across Australia for RRP $24.99 for a 6-pack and $37.99 for a Mixed 10-pack. 

UDL’s new look cans come in 12 flavours, including the UDL Vodka range of passionfruit, lemon lime and soda, raspberry, orange, pineapple, green apple, mixed berry zero sugar, watermelon, lime and soda, tropical and strawberry lime zero sugar. It also comes in UDL ouzo and cola.

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