Flavour Creations invests $6m in Dysphagia Cup

Brisbane-based food and drink manufacturer Flavour Creations has developed a special cup design for people who struggle to feed themselves.

Aimed particularly at Dysphagia sufferers, the Dysphagia Cup will allow sufferers to drink without their head needing to be tilted back.


Dysphagia refers to the inability to swallow easily, and can result in dehydration and malnutrition.

Flavour Creations has invested more than $6 million dollars into the cup’s research and development over three years, and is offically launching the product today.

The cup was researched, designed and manufactured in the company’s Brisbane-based headquarters to empower individuals who currently experience difficulty holding their own cup with the independence to feed themselves.

Flavour Creations founder and managing director Bernadette Eriksen said the launch of the new Dysphagia Cup complements the company's range of nutritionally-dense ready-to-drink products.

“Our primary focus over the past nineteen years has been to provide a solution which not only returns dignity to our customers but also a flavoursome product which they will enjoy.

“On a nutritional level our range of 29 flavours of ready-to-drink products are unrivalled due to their ability to increase the rates of hydration and decrease incidences of malnutrition for patients suffering from dysphagia,” Eriksen said.

The next step in the evolution of the Flavour Creations range was to deliver a product that enables customers to feed themselves, reducing the need for feeding assistance from carers.

“It’s taken seven years of scientific research and design, a complete overhaul of our manufacturing facilities and an investment of over $6 million to deliver the Dysphagia Cup."

The Flavour Creations Dysphagia Cup has an angled shape which allows the contents to be sipped without tilting the head, which is a necessary postural adjustment for people with dysphagia.

It also has a suitable diameter, curvature, ribbed sides and indentations for ease of holding. The large foil lid has external ribbing and embossed texture to assist with a manual grip.

The Flavour Creations Dysphagia cup will be distributed to hospitals, residential aged care and direct to consumers living at home in the community both in Australia and internationally from June 2016.

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