Calabria Family Wines has teamed up with Adelaide-based design agency Woodscannon to refresh the packaging design of its Richland series, which takes inspiration to the winery’s origin story. 

Calabria Family Wines was founded by Francesco Calabria after he boarded a ship from Italy to Australia in 1929. He would describe Australia as a ‘rich land’ – with “layered landscaped, Mediterranean climate, fertile soil and deep blue waters” – in letters to his wife who remained in Italy before he could establish a new life for them.

The new design takes inspiration from this story, “bringing to life the nature of the terrain and rich fertile soils of the Calabria Family’s Riverina vineyard”. It features a new logo, using a modern typeface, as well as integrating vineyard patchwork elements.


“Our Richland wines consistently over-deliver and have become a go-to option for value for money and quality. The new design celebrates the past while bringing a refreshing new look to the range that’s ready for the future,” third-generation sales & marketing manager Andrew Calabria said.

The labels were printed by the winery’s local printer in Griffith, NSW, Multi-Colour Australia, which use a distinct layer design “reminiscent of Francesco’s ‘rich land’ descriptions finishing the bottom of the label”.

“The Richland range has a wonderful history and at its price point presents tremendous value for consumers. With our recent expansion into the Barossa Valley, we will begin to introduce new varietals and regional expressions to the range that span both the Barossa and Riverina regions for wine drinkers to explore and retailers to get exited about,” Calabria said.

The new-look Calabria Richland begins rolling out this week with the Calabria Richland Pinot Noir 2020, and remaining varieties across the range arrive on the shelf later this year. The range has an RPP of $11.95.

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