Victoria Bitter will let customers trade their excess solar energy for slabs of beer as it partners with energy retailer Diamond Energy and blockchain-powered software platform Power Ledge to launch its new Solar Exchange program.

The new initiative follows on from the acquisition of Carlton & United Breweries – VB’s parent company – by Asahi Beverages in June last year for $16 billion

It forms part of Asahi’s ongoing sustainability efforts, including its commitment to being 100 per cent powered by renewable electricity by 2025.

Solar Exchange will see VB receive the solar credits it obtains under the exchange from Diamond Energy and re-invest the credits back into the program or towards the business’ broader sustainability goals.

The program allows participants to exchange credit on their power bill – earned from generating excess solar at home – for VB. Every $30 worth of credit can be exchanged for a slab delivered to the participant’s home.

“Last year we put the Australian sun to work and started brewing VB with 100% offset solar energy. Now we’ve launched this Aussie-first program to thank those who have made the effort to go solar with some hard-earned VB,” said Brian Phan, general manager marketing Victoria Bitter.

“The only thing better than drinking the Big Cold Beer in the Aussie sun is earning beer while you do it. Plus, it’s a real win-win for beer lovers and the environment.”

Diamond Energy managing director Tony Sennitt said the team was proud to partner with VB, while Power Ledger co-founder and chairman Dr Jemma Green said she was delighted their technology was being used for participants to keep track of their progress in the program.

“We are a global pioneer of peer-to-peer energy trading, and in a country that thrives on the beer economy, we are excited to be part of Australia’s first peer-to-beer energy exchange scheme,” said Green.

There 500 spots available, and those looking to participate in the new program can find out more here.

CUB ranked in at #9 and Asahi Holdings at #13 in Australia’s Top 100 Food & Drink Companies 2020 report.

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