• Development of Dirty Clean Food’s high-protein oat milk made with Buntine Protein has progressed into a ready-to-drink (RTD) prototype format (330ml aluminium can). Image: WOA
    Development of Dirty Clean Food’s high-protein oat milk made with Buntine Protein has progressed into a ready-to-drink (RTD) prototype format (330ml aluminium can). Image: WOA

Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) has reported Buntine Protein has been well received as a key ingredient in a variety of food applications, demonstrating its versatility as an ingredient in high value categories such as milks, cheeses, dips, baked goods, and noodles.

WOA completed the formulation of a range of advanced food applications during the quarter, and says it is receiving consistent requests for samples from Australian and global food companies, with feedback being very positive and confirming the versatility, clean taste and smooth mouthfeel offered by Buntine Protein. WOA says it remains positive and committed to its stated ambition to confirm additional offtake partners by the end of this financial year.

CEO of Wide Open Agriculture, Jay Albany said the developments were a key signal to the food industry that Buntine Protein was ready for use in commercial development of a wide array of foods.

“We have made excellent progress in developing a range of applications that showcase the versatility, taste and functionality of Buntine Protein during the quarter. Production taking place in our innovation center and pilot plant in Kewdale, WA, continues to improve and is now producing the highest quality product since inception. Buntine Protein offers unique benefits for food manufacturers including high levels of solubility, gelation and emulsification, as well as the strongest sustainability story in the segment,” said Albany.

Product developments

WOA’s first generation suite of products is aimed at the largest segments of the food industry. Developed by the company’s innovation team, these products include:

  • Ready to Drink high protein oat milk;
  • high protein oat biscuit;
  • high protein noodle (wheat and gluten free);
  • high protein vegan cheese;
  • flavoured protein supplement;
  • and healthy snacking dips. 

Development of Dirty Clean Food’s high-protein oat milk has progressed into a ready-to-drink (RTD) prototype format (330ml aluminium can). The development stage provides evidence that Buntine Protein can be mixed, pasteurised and stored in a RTD format without compromising taste. The launch of domestically produced high protein oat milk product range is expected this calendar year.

WOA says rapid progress has also been made in the development of high-protein vegan cheese with Buntine Protein. Vegan cheeses are commonly produced using oils and carbohydrates and have a protein concentration of less than 1 per cent. The first-generation Buntine Protein cheese stands apart due to its consistent, smooth mouthfeel, authentic fermentation method, and a protein concentration of 20 per cent.

WOA has also achieved milestones in application development of high protein noodles and baked goods. During March, Buntine Protein was demonstrated as a protein ingredient in a noodle application to one of the largest noodle makers in the world, as well as multiple global ingredient companies.

Commercial update

WOA remains confident that business development activities will confirm the demand for Buntine Protein as a food ingredient which will underpin the work ongoing around site selection for commercial-scale manufacturing. Over the last two months, the prospective customer database has increased to over 100 companies including ingredient distributors, plant-based dairy, baked goods (biscuits and noodles) and the protein supplement sector.

Since the optimisation of the Kewdale innovation center and pilot plant, samples have been delivered to 14 high quality prospects – companies with at least 8-digit annual turnover and having expressed interest in Buntine Protein for evaluation for a specific application.

Over 79 product prototypes have been delivered to 24 high value prospects in the protein supplement, alternative dairy, baked goods, and plant-based meat companies located in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

WOA continues to have productive conversations with companies who have existing infrastructure and equipment that can expedite the large scale manufacturing of Buntine Protein. These confidential negotiations remain positive, and WOA says it will share information once material terms are finalised.

Packaging News

In the first year of PKN’s Women in Packaging Awards programme, industry has stepped up with meaning. The response has been phenomenal, and the judges had their work cut out for them selecting the finalists from a competitive field of high-calibre nominees.

At The Hive Awards in Sydney today, the Best Packaging category was won by Don Smallgoods, part of George Weston Foods, for its resealable flow wrap pack for sandwich fillers and other smallgoods. This innovative packaging is a departure from the conventional thermoformed packs and addresses consumer demands for better functionality, sustainability, and product visibility.

Applications for the 2024 APCO Annual Awards are now open, and are open to all of industry to apply.