• Freshippo (source: Freshippo)
    Freshippo (source: Freshippo)

Freshippo, Alibaba Group’s digital intelligence-powered retail company, has launched its private label products in the US, with plans to follow suit in Australia, Singapore, and South Korea this year.

In the US, its private label products are available through Chinese supermarket chain, 99 Ranch Market, and online Asian goods retailer, Yamibuy.

Freshippo (source: Freshippo)

Freshippo export manager International Business, Yanni Xu, said the US launch was an “industry milestone” as it represented the first domestic Chinese supermarket to initiate the large-scale export of self-branded products overseas.  

According to Freshippo, dietary differences were a major challenge for Chinese people living overseas, and its data showed that food was a major category for cross-border online shopping.

Before the US launch, Freshippo conducted market research in Chinese supermarkets in the US and Australia.

“The research revealed that traditional Chinese families prefer authentic Chinese flavours and ingredients for their home cooking needs, while younger Chinese residents are more interested in snacks and instant foods, particularly those that are popular online,” the company said.

Xu added, “We also found that the seasonings sold in Chinese supermarkets in the US and Australia are mostly single ingredient, whereas Freshippo’s compound seasonings can help Chinese people living overseas more easily prepare complex Chinese dishes.”

Freshippo’s private label range includes Chinese snacks, condiments, and staples like noodles and Longkou vermicelli.

Food & Drink Business has put further questions to Freshippo about its Australian launch.

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