Nuchev’s goat-milk based nutrition brand Oli6 has launched the only infant formula to include human and goat milk oligosaccharides. Oli6 has a blend of six oligosaccharides, probiotics and prebiotics for digestion support, immunity and brain development.

Three years of research by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology resulted in Oli6 incorporating the naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharides in its formula to protect against the growth of harmful gut bacteria and support gut immunity. 

The formula also provides easier digestion by utilising the genetic compatibility human and goat milk oligosaccharides have with the microbiome and gut flora of babies, toddlers and infants. 

Infant brain and eye development is also benefited with non-allergenic omega three and six fatty acids and DHA for immunity support. 

The launch comes after a successful release in China through cross-border e-commerce platform Tmall and a $1 million marketing campaign endorsed by Chinese celebrity mum Zhang Xin Ye. Tmall is owned is by the Alibaba Group and is China’s largest cross-border marketplace. 

Reaching more than 50 million Chinese consumers, Oli6 was ranked third on the Tmall store during the campaign. 

Nuchev CMO Lisa Saunders said the goat infant formula will provide babies, toddlers and infants with better health, digestion and immunity benefits. 

“Following a successful launch in China, we are excited to be offering Oli6 to mums and their little ones in Australia,” said Saunders. 

Oli6 has also gained traction in the supermarket channel, recording a 16 per cent volume growth in the first half pcp in Coles and achieved highest monthly market share on record in 1Q.

Packaging News

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