• Polka founder Ben Mellows
    Polka founder Ben Mellows

With a mission to help people re-think their drinking habits, Adelaide-based company Polka is teaming up with local South Australian wine producers to release a range of non-alcoholic drinks.

Founded by Ben Mellows, Polka launched in July. Mellows said the global demand for an increase in non-alcoholic products is not a surprise. 

“The pandemic has forced everyone to reflect on things and for many, alcohol has lost some of its appeal,” said Mellows. 

Working with South Australian wine makers and brewers, Mellows has produced a range of non-alcoholic sparkling wines and a pale-ale beer, bringing the same flavour as their alcoholic counterparts. 

“Like any food or beverage product, a key driver of its uptake is taste. By first making wine and beer in traditional methods, then extracting the alcohol we are able to give people products that they will truly enjoy at every occasion,” said Mellows. 

Made with 11 white grape varietals and the native botanical Lilly Pilly, the non-alcoholic Polka sparkling wine has a dry and full alcohol flavour profile. 

Mellows said since the company’s launch it has been well received. 

In October, Polka is launching a non-alcoholic pink gin, a variety of canned gin and tonic ready to drink options and an Aperol  spirits.

Polka is available at bottle shops and grocers across Australia.


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