Distilled and bottled in the west of Poland, premium vodka Kavka has arrived in Australia.

The vodka is made by Jan Felix Michal Korybut Woroniecki who drew inspiration from restauranteur. Having tasted many vodkas, Woroniecki found the flavours watered down and lacking the traditional touch.

“During Poland's prohibition period in the early 20th century, Kavka was code for getting a drink in a restaurant, so it’s a slightly cheeky name that combines my love of vodka and restaurants. 

“For a long time, the vodka space has been overshadowed by innovative gin makers and the growth in popularity of tequila, rum and whiskey as drinkers look for personality in their spirits. Now it’s time to reinvigorate vodka!” said Woroniecki. 

The Kavka (jackdaw) on the label has been made to symbolise resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Kavka’s major distiller Urszula Wojcik has incorporated traditional production methods from the 19th century – distilling fine rye and wheat spirits, aging pot-stilled fruit spirits and blending them for the end result. 

To highlight the apple tones of the spirit, it can be taken as a shot from the deep freezer or sipped at room temperature for an emphasis on the plum notes. 

The vodka finish has a rich-dry balance with fruit notes of apples and prunes which is garnished by lemons, sitting at 40 per cent ABV. 

Kavka is available nationally at BWS and Dan Murphy’s for RRP $65.00.

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