A new caffeine-free, chemical-free and organically sourced coffee has entered the Australian market, crafted especially for consumers with an intolerance to the effects of caffeine.

Freecaf was created by Queensland-based businessman and Noego Coffee owner Daniel Salter over three years of intensive research and development to perfect the product.

Salter and his team sourced advice and support from various medical practitioners such as neuroscientists and gastroenterologists to understand the impact caffeine can have on the mind and body.

“I set out to create a solution for those who are sensitive to caffeine, so they could still have the enjoyment of a terrific tasting cup of coffee – I can’t imagine a life without coffee and now no one has to,” said Salter.

“Australia is a world leading coffee nation and it makes sense we’re the first to bring the next-generation of coffee, Freecaf, to the market, I’m so excited to see how customers respond.”

Freecaf is available in four flavours – Single Origin: Ethiopian, Single Origin: Mexico, Single Origin: Peru and Bheda Blend.

The range can be purchased online or at the Noego Coffee Café in Ormeau, Queensland.

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