“Everything changing all at once” is the mindset Cress Consulting CEO and director Julia Seddon is witnessing in the business world. Seddon will be one of the keynote speaks at the upcoming Food & Drink Business LIVE event, in Melbourne on 10 November.

She will bring to the stage her insights and experience working with companies actively looking to reduce their climate risk and embark on decarbonisation.

“Climate and carbon risk have come to the fore, and many businesses are having to deal with the reality that everything is changing all at once.

“Things that were once ‘nice to have’ are now not only ‘must haves’ but ‘must have quickly’,” she says.

Seddon’s expertise lies in the practical application of innovation and guiding companies as they realise the way of doing things has changed.

“Many come to us almost fearful of change, we work with them to shift from being scared to being curious. It is essential to shift that mindset if meaningful change is to be achieved.”

Seddon is joining three other speakers at Food & Drink Business LIVE – Georgie Aley from KPMG, Jim Fader from Eden Brew, and Kristy Carr from Bubs Australia.

They will be followed by a panel of industry leaders demonstrating much of what our keynotes will speak to – ultimately explained what is, Business Not as Usual.

LIVE details and program are here.

Book your tickets here.


Packaging News

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