Product planning systems are crucial for the food and beverage industry. Systems that are directly integrated in the ERP software are most suitable.

The federal government’s recent push to support the manufacturing sector and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions has seen companies rapidly accelerating their production efforts to meet demand and recoup profits.

Those who want to cut the costs in meat production need to address the biggest cost items: raw materials and products. Courage Production has demonstrated how precise measures help you to control the performance in all divisions and to take action where required with an effective ERP system.

Nord Drivesystems says its Safomi adapter, for Nord Maxxdrive industrial gear units, is a technical innovation in its field of application: a flange with an integrated oil expansion tank. This, the company says, can increase operational reliability, requiring fewer wearing parts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to become more resourceful and to maximise what we already have. The key takeaway is that futureproofing is essential.

Moving food waste sludge can be a difficult proposition for pumps, with increased viscosity and corrosion real concerns.Wastewater pump technology specialist Hydro Innovations says the right peristaltic pump can offer an ideal solution.

People buy food that tastes good. Everyone knows this. But tastes are different and the compositions of a recipe are virtually infinite. This variety can only be managed – and finally optimised – efficiently via specific software programs. CSB System can show you how.

Intelligent product-identification solutions specialist Matthews has launched a customer support system, Care 24x7, offering remote help to clients. The service supports manufacturers of all sizes with three levels of help, including diagnostics on one- or three-year contracts.

Today more than ever, industrial automation plays an important role in keeping manufacturing sustainable in Australia. In order to stay competitive, industries are always looking to improve effectiveness in their operations.

Rockwell Automation has released its new small-frame intelligent tracking system, iTRAK 5730. It improves throughput in multi-product applications by using independent cart technology to support smart, flexible and efficient machines.

Biscuit company Arnott’s has introduced automatic guided vehicles (AGV) to its head manufacturing plant in Brisbane. The six Dematic AGVs were rolled out as part of a project to increase manufacturing productivity and reliability.

Tetra Pak has launched its first complete processing line for feta type white cheese products. The line is a fully automated and integrated solution to produce a wide range of products.

Measurement technology helps a user ensure impeccable food quality while taking HACCP regulations into account. For those involved in food manufacturing and processing, it is important to understand the different measurement methods and suitable instruments.

As COVID-19 continues, the world economy is set to lose $1 trillion as we scramble to recoup our losses and reignite companies around the world. The Open IIoT panel tells us how Industry 4.0 can help.

A more sustainable solution for difficult-to-label food products has been introduced by labelling solutions company, Hally Labels.

Australian vibratory equipment manufacturer Enmin has a range of controllers suited for all brands of vibratory equipment, including both manual and automatic models.