Safety laser scanners are an essential safety mechanism in manufacturing plant, particularly those requiring regular access before packaging a final product. This article was first published in Food & Drink Business April 2021.

The Allen-Bradley SafeZone 3 CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP enables integration of the SafeZone 3 safety laser scanner in a GuardLogix Control System. Available through NHP Electrical Engineering Products, the system ensures the safety of personnel while cutting down on maintenance and spare parts.

It features high-definition distance measurement scanning technology with a substantial increase in the number of pulses per scan. It also has two scan cycle settings with improved performance in dusty environments and increased immunity to optical interference.

Allen-Bradley has also launched its GuardShield Light Curtains with the first CIP Safety over Ethernet module on the market. It also has integrated laser alignment, muting, blanking and cascading.

GuardShield is the first range to have integrated CIP safety over EtherNet modules, providing detailed diagnostics and status information to Logix DLR networks to cascade to multiple 450L or other EtherNet/IP products together.

The GuardShield range also features an Integrated Laser Alignment System (ILAS) for quick installation and reliable operation. The units come in different lengths from 150mm to 1950mm, in multiples of 150mm and in both 30mm hand and 14mm finger resolutions.

There are no dead spots at the top or bottom of the stick, which means they can be installed inside a machine frame and do not have to be mounted outside or on the machine like a traditional light curtain system.

Packaging News

APPMA members played a significant role in the first post-Brexit trade deal just agreed in London between Scott Morrison on behalf of the Australian government, and Boris Johnson for the UK government.

The NSW government has unveiled its plan to drastically cut the number of single-use plastics in circulation with a total ban by next year, and following quickly in its wake, WA has launched its own plan to fast-track its efforts.

The winners of the 2021 WorldStar Packaging Awards were officially recognised during a virtual awards ceremony, and in the biggest news of the night, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners took out the Gold for Sustainable Packaging Design.