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Sales and service of electronic instrumentation and controls for the food processing industry

Pressure and temperature controls

Machinery, seasonings and additive supplier to the food processing industry, specialising in meat processing

Stainless steel pipe instruments

Design and install liquid product recovery systems (Pigging

Supplier of equipment and technology for flavour recovery and flavour management.Manufacturer of evaporators and extraction lines for instant and RTD tea and coffee

Accurate and stable measurement instruments and systems (humidity, temperature, dew point, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, carbon dioxide and barometric pressure) for industrial and environmental observations

Process control, automation, instrumentation, design, electrical engineering. Optimise plant operations

Engineering solutions to the food industry

HRS operates at the forefront of thermal processing technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer solutions worldwide across a diverse range of industries. Specialising in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of corrugated t