• Mark Dingley, CEO of Matthews, announces the rebrand.
    Mark Dingley, CEO of Matthews, announces the rebrand.

At AUSPACK, leading coding, labelling and inspection technology specialist Matthews has made its much-anticipated milestone announcement: its well-known chameleon brandmark has a colourful new look symbolising how Matthews is adapting to the Australian manufacturing industry.

Announcing the rebrand to invited guests and AUSPACK visitors, CEO Mark Dingley said that since 2000 when the Matthews chameleon was introduced it has represented the company’s three business pillars – integration, quality products and support.

“Yes, Matthews has a comprehensive range of coding, labelling and inspection technologies. And yes, Matthews has software-integration options developed specifically for Australian manufacturing businesses. But equally as importantly, we have the very best, highly innovative care solutions to support those businesses and their critical production environments... our chameleon brand is recognised for all that by our customers,” Dingley said.

“The chameleon is also a highly intelligent creature, and around the same time we introduced ‘Intelligent Identification’ as our tag line. One of the chameleon’s unique characteristics is adaptability… its ability to seamlessly make changes to reflect its environment.”

Dingley said that over its 19 years, the Matthews chameleon has seen the now nearly-40-year-old company grow significantly.

“The Matthews business has expanded to encompass every sector of best-in-class coding, labelling, marking and inspection solutions to be found globally. Technologies at the leading edge, to ensure we offer solutions that will transform the businesses of Australia’s makers and movers, to streamline their processes and to ensure the very best products arrive in the hands of their customers. Solutions that contribute towards making Australian manufacturing businesses cost effective and sustainable well into the future.

“Our chameleon has also seen us change… some are bold changes, some are part of a constant, gentle evolution … as we continue to adapt to the ever-altering, ever-shifting industry that we serve.

“And now the time has come to be bold again. To be bold with our chameleon. It’s time to change, to modernise with a fresh new logo to reflect the technology business that Matthews now is … the technology business that Matthews will continue to develop into the future,” he said.


Dingley told the gathering at AUSPACK that there had been a lot of thought behind these changes to the brand.

“To represent who Matthews is, now and into the future, it was important to us not to toss the chameleon out and begin again, but to ‘adapt the adapter’. Symbolically for us, and as a message to the market, that’s powerful. Matthews is always adapting to the Australian manufacturing industry.”

The significance of the chameleon’s tail integrating into the word Matthews demonstrates how the company seamlessly integrates with its suppliers and brand partners, he said.

“At the same time, it shows how the chameleon can adapt,” he continued. “You may see that the ‘e’ also reflects the ‘@ symbol’ highlighting that technology is an integral part of our business, an integral part of Matthews.

“Our new logo also represents the future… with emerging technologies, the colours suggest where a world of black ink will be a little more colourful… now, and into the future.”

Dingley went on to say that the 'big reveal' was about more than just a new logo.

“We’re revealing a new brand, a new website, a new set of training and case study videos. So, thank you to all of our customers who contributed to these case studies, and to all staff who helped put this together. This is not simply a brand change and a decorative logo for us, this represents yet another step, another change in recognising –  and more importantly responding to – the way our customers interact with Matthews today and in the future on a digital level from both a sales and service response.

“The new logo represents the foundation of the Matthews Intelligent Identification business as we move into the 2020 decade and beyond. It represents who we are, and where we’ll continue to move, continue to adapt… and we’ll do this by always being at the forefront in everything we do to ensure we deliver the best-in-class technologies and service excellence in our industry.”

Matthews' chameleon changes its colours.


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