• The Herma InNO Liner distinguishes itself through its linerless label technology, reducing waste and improving operational speeds – a true testament to innovation in action.
    The Herma InNO Liner distinguishes itself through its linerless label technology, reducing waste and improving operational speeds – a true testament to innovation in action.

Result Group, provider of packaging and labelling solutions, is launching several award-winning products, which it will be showcasing at this year’s APPEX.

One such innovation on display is the Herma InNO Liner, the recipient of the PIDA Awards 2023 and Worldstar Awards 2024, which will be operating live at the Result Group's stand.

The group will also introduce the Herma Clean Design machine. Describing it as a “trailblazer in hygiene and maintenance”, Result Group says this machine is a must-see for industries where cleanliness is non-negotiable, making it ideal for pharmaceutical and food processing sectors.

The show will also be the first place to see the Leibinger IQ in action. The new inkjet printer offers rapid throughput, precision, and versatility. Its 5-year no-maintenance feature underscores our commitment to efficiency and reliability. On the stand, you can see a live demonstration and the team will show you how it can transform your printing processes.

The company will also bring the Rea Jet UP to APPEX for its first-ever showcase. This machine offers high-resolution printing technology, ideal for manufacturers who prioritise precision and quality.

Also on display are the Macsa Spark and Macsa UV. Located in the heart of the laser hub on the stand, these machines claim to offer unparalleled speed, precision, and adaptability to challenging substrates. Visitors can witness their capabilities as they laser on various surfaces live at the show.

The stand will also feature live demonstrations of the group’s traceability and anti-counterfeit solutions brought by Antares Vision Group and Veracity Protocol. Visitors will experience firsthand the journey of traceability and the real-time identification of counterfeit products.

Resealable and tamper-evident resealable tape based packaging system Peel&Seal and FreshPak claim to be not only sustainable but also enhance the shelf-life and freshness of products, aligning with current consumer demands and packaging trends.

Result Group is also partnering with Elplast, which it says is one of the world’s largest producers of Zipper Reseal systems, to demonstrate innovative closures that offer ease of use and reliability.

Herma self-adhesive materials will be presented at the stand including a variety of adhesives, each designed to meet specific requirements and applications. The categories of adhesives include permanent, semi-permanent, removable, and water-removable.

Herma sustainable self-adhesive materials are part of a growing trend in the industry to create products that are environmentally friendly, both in terms of the materials used and the production process.

Herma is actively involved in sustainable practices, particularly in the realm of self-adhesive materials, aligning with the Zero Waste hierarchy which emphasises the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The approach includes using raw material alternatives and innovative starting materials to meet new market requirements in sustainability.

Sustainability in Action – A Commitment to the Future

The stand will showcase a Sustainability Corner, a welcoming space for the entire industry, where you can freely ask any sustainability question and receive what the company says is the most advanced and informed response.

According to Michael Dossor, group general manager, Result Group, “it is only apt that Result Group is launching the Sustainability Corner on the stand as we have been a key player in helping to guide companies on the role that packaging plays in creating a circular economy for the region for many years.”

“Through our partnerships with key organisations in this space we are proud of how much Result Group has contributed to educating the industry in topics such as Sustainable Packaging, Save Food Packaging and Active & Intelligent Packaging.

At the Sustainability Corner, you will encounter an array of resources and expertise. The group’s valued partners APCO, End Food Waste Australia, AIP and GS1 will be available at the Sustainability Corner, offering visitors a wealth of information on Sustainable & Circular Packaging Design, Global Standards, Food Waste, and more.

Visit Result Group at Stand E030. APPEX is taking place on 12-15 March at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Free registration is open now.

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