PLAY Food & Drink Business: Video News Bulletin 14 May

In the news this week: Lion, Coopers, Coles, wine research


In this week’s episode, Kim refers to sustainability stories from our March issue as being in the current digital magazine (which is the April edition). Please click on the Special Reports tab on the top of the website for all the latest sustainability features in one place. She apologises for any confusion, it was cold, early and lightly raining!

Packaging News

In a surprise announcement this week, Australia-based social enterprise Thankyou announced it is stopping production of Thankyou Water because it can no longer justify selling bottled water in single-use plastic.

Tasmanian Oyster Co has developed a new CO2-based laser etching process to etch a brand mark on shell, helping to identify and trace shellfish products across global markets.

CMTP recently announced it can now supply HACCP International Certified Hygiene pallets. The company said it can now produce a special range of its Pal-giene certified food-safe pallets.