If 2020 hadn’t been challenging enough, Bega Cheese has discovered that 58 per cent of Australians are suffering from cross-contamination when making their Vegemite toast. There is societal breakdown occurring as accusations fly across the toaster about who is leaving butter in the vegemite jar and vice versa.

In a bid to save households from toast tension, Bega has created a limited edition Vegeknife. It is a dual-headed cutlery breakthrough, according to Vegemite’s marketing manager Jacqui Roth.

“Aussies are opening up their jars of Vegemite to find that butter has somehow made its way in. We can’t have that. So, we’re introducing a solve – the limited-edition ‘Vegeknife’. The limited-edition Vegeknife is a dual headed cutlery breakthrough, with one end for butter and one end for Vegemite – so now, there’s no reason to get butter in the Vegemite jar.”

“We know that Australians take their Vegemite toast very seriously, and we hope that the Vegeknife will remove the need for difficult household conversations that are centred around finding out who’s responsible for the butter in the Vegemite jar. Cross-contamination between spreads in your household will be a thing of the past.”

But only 200 are being released, with a competition being run through its Instagram account. Be quick, it closes on 25 October.

Other important findings:

How do Aussies spread their Vegemite on toast? Almost half of the Aussies surveyed (45 per cent) prefer a thin layer of Vegemite, the next most common preference was lots of butter and a scraping of Vegemite (32 per cent), followed by those who prefer to spread Vegemite on thick (20 per cent).

When asked what goes first – butter or Vegemite – those who butter first and then Vegemite account for 86 per cent of Aussies surveyed.

With regards to the preferred Vegemite to butter ratio, around 45 per cent of Aussies surveyed prefer more butter than Vegemite, those who prefer an even spread of Vegemite and butter make up 30 per cent, those who prefer more Vegemite than butter constitute 13 per cent of respondents, and 12 per cent of respondents don’t use butter.

Over 32 per cent of respondents felt irritated by discovering butter in their jar of Vegemite, with 7 per cent of the 32 per cent feeling beyond irritated.

Do Aussies consider others when they’re using Vegemite and are they careful not to leave butter in the Vegemite jar? 38 per cent of respondents think this is the least of their worries, 37 per cent are careful not to get butter in the jar, 19 per cent of respondents remove butter from the Vegemite jar if they get butter in the jar ,and 6 per cent of respondents do not wipe the knife clean before they dip it into a Vegemite jar.

If there’s butter in the Vegemite jar, 49 per cent of respondents agree that it’s not their fault. Over 11 per cent disagree that if there’s butter in the Vegemite jar, it’s not their fault, with 6 per cent of respondents strongly disagreeing.

Ed note: thank goodness that has been resolved. Now we can all have anxiety dreams about the 14 per cent who put Vegemite on their toast before butter. I can't even deal with the 12 per cent who have vegemite toast without butter at all. 

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