Twisties is giving away a $500 weekly prize and the opportunity to win $100,000 and attend a gala event for everyone who submits a Twistie ‘look alike’ photo.

The Twisties art gallery celebrates the irregularity of its much-loved crunchy snacks with a collection of artworks featuring Twisties which look like objects, people, animals and whatever consumers can see in the shapes.

From a native Aussie cockatoo to an elegant swan, these carefully selected Twisties were salvaged from packets because they stood out from their oddly-shaped counterparts by their unexpected comparison to a familiar shape.

“We know how easy it is to mindlessly make your way through a packet of Twisties without a second thought so we wanted to encourage Aussies to dig a little deeper and consider what each delicious puffed snack resembles before popping it in their mouths,” says Olivia Sutherland, marketing director ANZ, Snacks PepsiCo.

"We are asking Aussies to feed their imagination and help us hunt for the best Twistie look alike to join the likes of our cat and dolphin in the specially curated Twisties art gallery.” 

To win or have your very own Twistie featured in the gallery on the Twisties Museum Site, look for unique shapes in packets of cheese and chicken flavoured Twisties, take a snap and submit them to the Twisties Museum.

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