SunRice has relaunched its low GI white rice product in an urge to challenge ‘wellness’ food fads and encourage Australians to “have your carbs and eat them too”.

Naturally gluten-free and grown exclusively by SunRice in Australia, the low GI rice range has a GI rating of 54 and has been reintroduced in order to highlight the importance of carbohydrates to overall health.

Dietician, nutritionist and SunRice health and wellbeing ambassador Lyndi Cohen said carbohydrates are an important part to a diet and should not be removed entirely.

“You don’t have to cut out carbs. My advice is to simply make healthier carb choices,” she said.

“Choose naturally low GI carbs, which can help you feel satiated between meals and provide sustained energy release.”

The relaunch features new, blue packaging teamed with rice bowl imagery and identifies the SunRice Low GI White Rice product as the only rice in the market with the official Low GI rating and symbol.

Both Low GI White Rice and Low GI Brown Rice are available now in 750g packets at Coles, Woolworths, and independent stores nationwide for an RRP of $3.50.