Sparkling water company SodaStream has rolled out a set of limited-edition bottles bestowed with decorative hats to raise money for one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's favourite charities.

The Royal Edition bottles, which feature a set of miniature hats created using 3D printing, are recyclable – and will be auctioned as a donation to Surfers Against Sewage, which campaigns against plastics in oceans.

Each of the five hat designs is inspired by an iconic look previously sported by female royals – a concept imagined by Israeli innovation agency Gefen Team, and developed with SodaStream.

The limited edition bottles will be auctioned, and bids open to consumers worldwide.

“Tackling ocean plastic pollution should be a top priority for governments, brands and people,” Hugo Tagholm, Surfers Against Sewage CEO, said.

“SodaStream's commitment to eliminate plastic and promote reusable bottles is a great step in the right direction towards plastic-free coastlines, and sends a strong message to the beverage industry.

"This fun and quirky project to celebrate the royal wedding further highlights the importance of stopping the single-use plastic epidemic.”