Pitango has partnered with meat-free company Sunfed Foods to create its new chicken-free chicken soup, made from yellow pea protein. 

The vegan, high protein soup uses Sunfed’s Chicken-Free Chicken, and is simmered in coconut cream, packed with vegetables and mixed with Thai yellow curry paste. 

"An increasing number of Aussies are eating at least one vegan meal each week," said Pitango brand manager Hannah McDonald.

“Vegan and plant-based meals are in higher demand and variety is important. This partnership with Sunfed has allowed us to create a unique, chicken-style soup that is 100% vegan.”

CEO and founder of Sunfed Foods, Shama Sukul Lee, said Sunfed was all about expanding choice for consumers.

"We turn protein-packed pulses into delicious meaty goodness. Sunfed offers consumers plant-based meat that has the best meaty texture on the global market and with the cleanest, most minimalist ingredient deck made from premium yellow peas," said Lee.

The Pitango Sunfed Chicken Free Chicken Thai Style Soup is now available in Coles and IGA stores nationwide for RRP $6.00.

Packaging News

In a surprise announcement this week, Australia-based social enterprise Thankyou announced it is stopping production of Thankyou Water because it can no longer justify selling bottled water in single-use plastic.

Tasmanian Oyster Co has developed a new CO2-based laser etching process to etch a brand mark on shell, helping to identify and trace shellfish products across global markets.

CMTP recently announced it can now supply HACCP International Certified Hygiene pallets. The company said it can now produce a special range of its Pal-giene certified food-safe pallets.