Australian IoT company Vivid Technology is looking for global partners across agribusiness, including the medical cannabis market segments, for its intelligent lighting solutions.

Vivid Technology Limited plans to develop high-energy efficiency solutions for the horticulture and medical cannabis lighting markets.

Vivid Technology will design, specify and supply an optimised MATRIXX intelligent lighting control and Klarity reporting systems in support of the specific requirements for the controlled-environment horticulture markets including the highly regulated medical cannabis cultivation industry.

Vivid Technology says its patented technology will “deliver significant energy efficiency, substantially reducing both lighting operating costs and energy consumption, providing customers with a sustainable strategic competitive advantage”.

With the horticulture lighting market changing through the retrofitting of traditional light sources with LED grow lights, Vivid Technology says it will leverage its experience and technological developments to help solve what is sees is one of the major challenges in the industry today, the cost and efficiency levels of lighting of green/glass-houses.

Overall, food and agribusiness is a USD$5 trillion industry that represents 10 per cent of global consumer spending. The total medical cannabis market was worth US$16 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to US$79 billion by 2025.

Packaging News

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