Grill'd has been in the hotseat over Easter following its release of a Bunny Burger, and the claim that the rabbit pattie used was made with 'ethically sourced' ingredients.


The burger chain's announcement last week that it had “thrown a rabbit in the works for your Easter menu” did not go down well with consumers, if the company's Facebook feed was any indication.


“We’ve sourced our rabbit from the teams at Aussie-owned Alpine Game Meat and Macleay Valley Rabbits. Like us, these guys love fresh produce and ethical sourcing, and they hate hormones and anything that resembles a chemical.


“We’re committed to only using the highest quality of ingredients and we think that’s why our burgers taste so damn good,” the company wrote.


Responses included:


“You guys are sick! Celebrating Easter and The Easter Bunny with dead rabbit on a burger and dressing it up like it's fun with rabbit ears. Will you bring out a dead reindeer burger at Christmas and shove antlers on it too?”


“Wow, the complete disconnection it takes to commission killing a beautiful little animal, cook it and put it in your burger and then put cutesy bunny ears on it is absolutely astounding.. Which marketing genius thought this was a good idea?”


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